What was my wife thinking? (Part 2 of 3 parts to my hell)

by Jack W.
(Houston, TX)

Part 2: began on New Years Eve, just a couple short weeks ago. In fact, New Years Eve was exactly 8 years since I proposed to her so it was always special for me. Well, my wife is really into throwing big parties for New Years Eve. She is originally from Russia, 38 years old, and loves to socialize and throw parties - especially for New Year's Eve. I'm 13 years older, but she has always told me that has always gone for older men. I can say that this always seemed to be true during our 8 years together. About 30 people ended up coming over for the party, some of which we didn't even know. She had warned me that she invited some friends of friends that she didn't really know and that there would be a few single men and single womwn showing up. I'm not real comfortable with having people over we don't even know, but she said i was being too paranoid and too controlling. Anyway, as the party went on, there was lots of alcohol, lots of music and dancing, etc. I had asked her a favor before the party that she agreed to. I asked that since I was still getting over her lies from 3 weeks ago, that she be real careful about getting drunk and too close to other guys, and that there shouldn't be anything that could even resemble flirting. She said she understood that I was still pretty hurt, and she agreed that it wouldn't be a problem. Anyway, at one point while I was working on getting karaoke going, and trying to keep everyone happy, I looked up and saw her and a girlfriend both dancing with one of the younger (25) single guys, The style of dancing was kind of fast, but including holding hands. I noticed earlier that this guy seemed to be really hanging out with the women a lot, drinking pretty heavy, and getting a bit touchy feely with a few of them. I swallowed hard, realizing she was dancing with both a girl and a guy, so that it should be ok. When the dance ended I went over and spoke with her briefly, reminding her of what we agreed upon earlier. She was getting drunk already by this point and was a bit irritated but agreed that yes, any dancing with this guy would include another woman as well. So Midnight came soon after and we all did the countdown and we kissed at 12:00 like we had every year. Then, within the next 30 minutes I looked around again and there she is, this time dancing with the guy alone, again including holding hands! so when the dance ended. I asked her to come in the back-yard and I was getting irritated by this point. I asked what the H was going on, that this is not what we agreed to. She was even more drunk now and becoming a bit beligerent, saying to me that this is ridiculous, that I was over-reacting, that it is only dancing, and that I need to chill out and let her have a good time at her party. So she convinced me that I was over-reacting and I even apologized to her explaining that this is just so close following the "lunch" episode and that was the reason I was so worried. So she walked away pissed and I went back to trying to keep everyone happy making drinks, etc. Soon the crowd was beginning to slowly thin out. It was 3:30 am and there were about a dozen poeple still there, The music was still playing and I didn't want to be the party-pooper and ask everyone to go home since my wife would consider that messing up her party and also there were some people there who were still pretty hammered and they shouldn't have been driving yet. At this point I decided since things were winding down I could retire to our bedroom and chill from the stressful party. Another hour and a half went by and it is now 5:00 am! I had peaked my head out of the bedroom a couple of times to see what was going on and the group was now down to about 10 and things were getting quieter, and in fact, several people were starting to help clean up the huge mess in the house - and yes, that one younger single guy was still hanging around. Then about 10 minutes later I heard the door chime go off, indicating that one of the doors had been opened. I was thinking tbat the rest of the people were heading out and that I would go and help clean up a bit. I got dressed, putting on my pants and shirt and headed out of the bedroom to check out the situation. Well, I saw that there were still a few guests left, but I didn't see my wife. I looked around the house a bit and didn't see her. At that point I figured she may have gone into the garage to get something so I went to the door that opens into the garage and opened it. The lights in the garage were not turned on, so it was completely dark in there. I flipped the switch for the lights, and what I saw will, unfortunately, haunt me for the rest of my life. There was my wife, and this youger guy with their arms wrapped around each other and their faces pushed together in what appeared to be a serious lip-lock. They got very startled when they saw me and they both immediately had a look of shock upon their faces. I yelled "what the F is going on here" as I moved my wife aside and decked the son of a B with one punch. He got up, looking like a scared punk and I told him to get the F off my property and opened the door for him leading outside. He ran like the punk he was, racing to get to his car, and then speeding away without once looking back. Of course my wife was in shock that she had been caught and was crying and distraught. We went back into the house and I announced to the few remaining that my wife was a cheater and that I would soon be leaving her for good. I noticed that all but one remaining were Russian female friends of my wife, exept for the American husband (Leon Spencer) of one of the women (they are having marriage problems too), As the women all gathered around my wife and began to speak Russian, and the spiinning of their story began (they will always stick together regardless of the truth), I simply asked Leon to remember what he saw and heard that night. My wife's first version of her story was that she was so totally drunk that she had no idea what she was doing so it wasn't her fault After some time (the next day) she decided that this story didn't sound so good since that would have meant that I was the only sober one in the garage to tell the facts of what happened, So now her version says that hey, it was totally innocent, that she was hugging everyone that night, and that it was just an innocent hug! She said that the guy was helping out and offered to take a bag of trash out. Of course my wife had to show him where the trash goes, so she had to take him into the garage. Never mind that the trash is placed right next to the door inside the garage, so that when you open the door you can just drop it inside the garage without even going into the garage. Never mind also, that not only did my wife show him to the garage, but also went into the garage with him, and then the door was closed behind them. And of course never mind that for some reason the lights were left off, even though the light switch was right there, and even though it was pitch black inside! Of course seeing that I caught them red-handed, my wife has now come up with a story saying that I punched her first, and then her "boyfriend", so I've suddenly become a wife-beater after 8 years of marriage Funny though how she didn't have a mark on her, and that the police weren't called, and her friends who saw her right after the incident didn't mention her injuries, and that she crawled into the bed right next to me at 5:30 am to sleep next to me one last night. I don't think this would have been the case if I was so violent and out of control.
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