Where are the Raychel Coudriet Pictures? This Story is Crazy!

by Chris

Where are the Raychel Coudriet Pictures?

Are you kidding me?

Excerpt from NyDailyNews:

The latest revelation by the Enquirer, which was the first to reveal Woods' extra-marital affairs last November, may help explain why Nordegren finally flew the coop.

Nordegren was also reportedly disgusted that one of Woods' alleged mistress was porn actress Joslyn James, the star of skin flicks like "Big Breasted Nurses."

Coudriet, who is now 22 and lives in the same gated Orlando-area community as the disgraced golfer, met Woods when she was just 14. She told the tab that Woods "used and violated" her

This is absolutely crazy. Elin definitely needs to divorce this JERK!

It will be a matter of time before the Raychel Coudriet Pictures starts circulating and I am sure a matter of time before we hear about the divorce to come!

Do you think this new story is true?

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