Which Weather do I Choose

by Luriena
(Meriden, CT)

It’s so strange how the weather could reflect my mood

It stormed so hard yet look at today it’s so calm and clear

All the signs that it was raining disappeared…

I should’ve stood out in the rain

Maybe it would’ve washed away all this pain

At least I could’ve let out a good long cry

Without anyone knowing or asking me why

I look out the window as I’m writing this

I see the clouds starting to form…black clouds, gray sky

Maybe the sun just doesn’t want to shine

And why should it…when it’s only ignored

Kind of how I felt when we were together

Why give my best when it’s overlooked

I thought our love was as beautiful as a sunny day

I tried to be as romantic as a sunset

It should've been as clear to comprehend as the blue sky

But did you forget?

Weather…so unpredictable

Two different meanings but so similar too {whether}

I wish I could decide whether I want to weather through the storm

Or whether or not, it's best to just stop loving you.

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