Why Did He Cheat On Me? He's My Husband!

Learn How To Affair Proof Your Relationship!

why did he cheat on me

Why Did He Cheat On Me? Relationships are difficult enough as it is, but bring in outside influences and it’s a recipe for disaster. When two individuals get together and commit to each other, sometimes we forget that they are still two different individuals.

A relationship can be a beautiful thing when it works, but heart wrenching when it doesn’t. Both parties of the relationship interpret what they believe the other person should do and sets a standard in which they hold the other person to.

Well, interpretation is just that, and when the other person sees things in a different light then that creates an unbalanced situation that leaves the relationship vulnerable.

Here’s an example of how this vulnerability can affect the relationship:

A wife may think that her husband should not be out at nights crafting his skills as a musician in a newly formed band, and in turn feels inadequate in the relationship. When she once had her husband at home most of the time, the balance of the relationship has shifted leaving her feeling abandoned. Because of these insecure feelings, she may lean on a male friend for his manly advice only to slowly distant herself from her husband and grow closer to her friend.

Well, as you can see a detrimental situation as arisen and it can snowball out of control as both parties of the relationship feed off of the negative vibes given off from the other.

So Why Did He Cheat on Me? There are many reasons for an affair, but simple misunderstandings and differences in expectations is a major reason in which affairs happen. The bottom line is, people need love and affection and when it’s missing, and sometimes even uncharacteristically they reach out to others to fill this void. 

"I wish I knew how
to affair proof my relationship." - Patsy from Bronx, NY

I may not have answered your question, “Why did he cheat on me?” but hopefully just understanding the dynamics of a relationship can help you to make better physical decisions while communicating better with your loved one.

It's the little things you can do that may affair proof your relationship.

Good Luck!

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