Why Does He Cheat on Me? Here's What You Need to do to Make Him Stop!

Why Does He Cheat on Me?  Is it My Fault?

Why Does He Cheat on Me? Is it My Fault?

Why does he cheat on me?

I hear and see this question all the time. I was in my car driving to work this morning and I was listening to the morning radio host to my favorite sports station. He was venting saying that he was so angry that the Bible stated “Thou shall not Commit Adultery”.

His views were that, why was this book telling us how to live our lives today when it came to sex amongst ourselves. “We are animals and our instincts are to procreate”, he said.

This is a very interesting topic that scientists are still trying to unravel and get to the bottom of. There are certain scientists that suggest that our “natural instincts” attracts us to the opposite sex innately.

So back to the question, “Why does he cheat on me?”
Is it that he can’t help it and he is doing what he was meant to do despite the restrictions that society has placed on relationships?

I have my own views on this. I do agree that the male and the female are innately attracted to each other. By this I mean, the guys and girls that do not have the discipline and self control to remove themselves from compromising situations will more likely cheat on their partners in the long run.

If you are consistently in an environment with the opposite sex that may be conducive to the lowering of your inhibitions, then you open yourself up to this innate attraction that may lead to cheating.

One such environment may me a social gathering in which alcohol is being consumed while the seductive music plays in the background.

Ladies, while I do not believe you can stop someone from cheating on you, I do believe you can put yourself in the best position to lower the chances of it happening to you.

Pay attention to your relationship. Are you doing and saying the little things that you did when you first met. With life come our daily stresses that change the dynamics of many relationships. Do you still do the same things you did with him sexually that you did early in your relationship?

It is extremely important that you take or make the time to do these same intimate things with your man that he will take with him with every time he leaves the house. He will have to encounter other woman and maybe even in potential compromising situations, but knowing what he has at home will guide many men into saying and doing the right things even in these times.

So to answer the question, “Why does he cheat on me?”

You may be with the wrong man, and if he is cheating on you then consider walking away and re-analyzing the men that you are attracted to. Nothing you do will stop a low life from cheating on, but if you do have a good man, do the little things that will bring him home every time!

What are your thoughts on why a man cheats on his partner and what can be done?

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