Why Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Why Men Cheat on Their Pregnant Wives

Why men cheat on their pregnant wives? When I think about a wife being pregnant, the thought of a beautiful family resonates in my mind. I see the Christmas cards with the dressed up baby and a father throwing a ball to his son for the first time.

However, the truth is for a lot of men and fathers out there, they see their pregnant wife as a “life sentence”. Their lives will never be the same. That may be true, but they automatically assume it will take a turn for the worse.

I was searching the internet for why men cheat on their pregnant wives and came across the below post from a forum online.

Here is an excerpt (from Mylot.com):

It goes on and on, I don't think I know of any men that haven't cheated on their wives when pregnant.

So I ask... why? The "she got fat" excuse is bullsh#t! I mean seriously, since the beginning of man women have gotten pregnant and we all know where the baby grows and what it does to her body. It's not like it's a big surprise that a woman's belly grows when she's expecting a child. So what gives?

After researching the forums some more, the main reasons that I came across the most were:

  1. The wife gained weight and was less attractive
  2. The wife no longer wanted to have sex
  3. The pregnancy made the man feel trapped (life sentence) so strayed

When I think about any one of the above, the word “coward” instantly comes to mind. As we all know “it takes two to make a thing go right”. The man has just as much a part in the woman becoming pregnant and for him to turn his back on his wife during this critical time is indeed cowardly.

There are plenty of sacrifices that the woman takes on during the nine months of pregnancy, so being by her side shouldn’t be too much to ask.

"He cheated on me all through
my pregnancy. I had to leave!"

I am curious to hear your thoughts on why men cheat on their pregnant wives. Do you know anyone going through this situation?

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