Why Men Cheat - Is It In His Nature To Be Unfaithful?

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Why Men Cheat is a question that an overwhelming amount of women would love to know the answer to. The reason the number is so overwhelming is because of course, most of those same women have been cheated on in some point of a committed relationship.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Why does an obese person eat chocolate when they are restricted from doing so?

Why did YOU eat that bowl of ice cream when you knew you shouldn’t have?

You see, we are all faced with decisions that that our brains know we shouldn’t do, but we are still compelled to do because of the “feel” good that we anticipate.

Dating back in history man was faced to go out, after the women and children were put to sleep to hunt in order to provide for his family. They also had the responsibility of spreading their “seed” so that the tribe could survive, and their “animal instincts” helped them to do this.

In nature, animals procreate with many different partners and it is accepted and part of their life cycle.

In Society, we are supposed to be faithful and committed to one and only one. Animal instincts sometimes come into play, and societies’ rules are out the window! Men that are more cerebral and analytic are able to think things through as to why they shouldn’t cheat. But the more impulsive and spontaneous a man is, the more chance that he will act on those urges.

Now throw in outside influences and that chocolate is sure looking good.

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Below you will find few of the main reasons why men cheat.

  • Biology - a man is almost pre-programmed to seek and find so that they can pro-create. They are taught to conform to the rules of society, but sometimes the “animal instincts” come out. This teamed with some of other outside influences and he is doing what he was meant to do! OK, I know there is no excuse for cheating, but there are biological factors that are embedded.
  • Opportunity – It has been stated that attractive looking men are more likely to cheat than the less fortunate. Why? Well, the more times the chocolate dish passes in front of you, the more likely you are going to grab one for a quick bite. (chocolate yummy!)
  • Pressure from their friends – After a date with a new girl, the first thing friends want to know is, “Did you do it?” That IT is what they care about. So when they know about that girl at work that is into your man, they CAN put some (imagine this some as being a mountain) pressure on him to “just do it!”
  • Feed his man ego – Yup, there is such a thing as “Man Ego” and sometimes it calls out “FEED ME! FEED ME!” and guess what, here comes that tray of you know what!
  • Bored in a relationship – Many couples are guilty on giving up on all the things that they fell in love for. Without realizing it, the thing they do the most is argue and bicker. Well, this can get old for both partners, but since we are talking about why men cheat, I will say that this opens up a man’s mind to explore what really is out there. Even though it may seem easy enough to just share with their partner what they are missing, they go out hunting to fulfill their needs that have been misplaced at home. Sometimes what they are looking for is emotional and other times it’s strictly to fulfill their sexual desires.
  • Gratification – men are visual creatures that are easily stimulated. In general this is also biological, and the many stimulating encounters drive them to look for that gratification to put them at ease (if you know what I mean!). 
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While these ARE popular reasons as to why men cheat, they are still not accepted or right.

Because of the importance we as a society have placed on monogamy in general, cheating can destroy families and can wreck havoc on the individual that was betrayed.

I hope this has given you a little bit of insight as to why men cheat, now it’s up to you to spot the signs that they are cheating.

No one deserves to be cheated on so hopefully you are in a healthy relationship with a strong man that will fend off the influences that lead to cheating.

Good luck!

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