Why Men Stray in Relationships – As Told by Cheaters!

Why men stray in relationships

Women across the country are dying to know why men stray in relationships. The answers you’re about to get, may not be the one you’ve been looking for.

However, the answers below are the truth, as told by cheaters.

The list below will shed some light on the topic of why men stray in committed relationships; the real reasons based on accounts of habitual cheaters.

Self Gratification – Cheaters are narcissistic by nature, and stepping out on a relationship for self pleasure is very common. By their narcissistic nature, men in this category will act on their sexual urges in any manner necessary to fulfill their needs.

Feel they are not hurting anyone - This sounds silly, but this reason has been cited numerous of times in my online surveys. The idea is, never get caught and no one will get hurt. Sounds good in theory, but never usually works out that smoothly. These men actually feel like they are doing good things for each of his women individually by providing them with a part of him sexually or otherwise.

Unhappy in relationship – Men in this category, quite frankly have nothing to lose but may be too scared to end their current relationship. It sounds cowardly, but you will be surprised with how many men fall into this category. In some instances, their current relationship may have a lot invested that limit their ability to properly end it before entering a new relationship.

Peer Pressure – This one sounds like it must be a joke, but it’s not. Many men like to uphold their macho image around their friends, and if that means cheating while on a night out with the guys then so be it. Peer pressure doesn’t stop with teenagers. It is alive and well amongst grown men, and unfortunately it leads to a lot of failed relationships.

Opportunity – This one kept surfacing by many surveyed men. When the opportunity arises to sleep with the chick that got away in college resurfaces, a lot of men will jump at that opportunity. This misstep is usually impulsive and one time crusades.

"Men that cheat are such low lifes"

The above are just a few of the real reasons why men stray in relationships. If you have any concerns that your man may be cheating, keep reading signs of cheating men to put your suspicions to rest.

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