Why Partners Choose to Turn A Blind Eye About Infidelity

by Chris

Have you ever felt that your partner is hiding something from you? Are they coming home often late? Do they always take their cell phone with them wherever they go? Or are they acting too clingy and sweet, far from normal? Then it’s time to get alarmed. There’s a great chance that your partner is cheating on you.

Normally, people’s reaction when they find out that their partner is cheating on them would be violent. On a mild level, most would just resort to mere crying, blaming themselves for their insufficiency to give the kind of love that would satisfy their partners. Some would rather use their mouths and blabber out all kinds of swear words to the other. Others would start packing up, even bringing their children with them. Several will resort to physical abuse (mostly men), and what’s worse? Some would even go as far as murdering their partners for that reason.

On the other hand, there are some partners who would choose to turn a blind eye about infidelity. This means that, although they are completely aware about the cheating techniques and actions of their partner, they would choose to keep quiet, stay normal, and pretend like nothing’s happening. There are various reasons why some people would rather choose to turn a blind eye about infidelity. Reasons that for some may seem acceptable and some do not.

The most common reason why some, especially married couples, would just choose to turn a blind eye about infidelity is because of their children. They take into consideration that the one who would get affected the most about the case of the infidelity of the other would be the children. They wouldn’t want their children growing up without a complete family. Even though love does not exist anymore after the beans have spilled out, the children would always be the thin shred of hope between the two. Thus, the best choice would be to swallow the bitter pill and turn a blind eye about infidelity.

One other reason why some turn a blind eye about infidelity is because of too much love, or shall we say, desire. In cases where there is a difference in how much each partner loves the other, the one who loves more would never choose to let go of the other, and would thus turn a blind eye about infidelity. Stupidity or martyrdom, whatever it’s called, there are cases like that. Another reason to turn a blind eye about infidelity would be because they are afraid to face the fact that they have not done enough for their partner, and if this secret is revealed, there is a huge probability that their partners would leave them.

Behind each action is a reason. So whether a person chooses to let go, or opts to turn a blind eye about infidelity, who are we to judge? The story is theirs, and as long as they are ready to face the consequences of their actions, we remain watchful and alert – but never intrusive.

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