Wife took things too far, I'm forever scarred.

We had been married for 10 years and we had 3 children. we met in high school, and got married at a very simple wedding at a JP with just our families.

I went into the army and we settled as a family ,and things where going well. I got out of the army, and found a job working swing shifts, and again things I thought where going well.

One day on my day off I was at home watching my 3 year old , she had went to the YMCA with a friend, as the hours went by, and she was not home I was filled with a filling of great concern, and bad feeling's that something was not right.

I started to walk with my son toward the YMCA but did not get far when I saw her driving toward us , stopped with a big smile, and let us in.

I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw her, I questioned her as to where she had been and she struggled to give me answers, but after and hour or more, she said she was talking to some guy, and he pursued her to the car and things started to heat up, and that he pressured her to get a room.

She tried telling me it was like she was watching someone else doing this not her and she blindly just did what he wanted.

They drove to a motel and had sex, she insist that she was not looking for sex and it was not all hot and steamy but more mechanical, and going through the motions. and it was like she was watching this happen but did not know how to stop it.

She said she was liking the attention .and it just went too far. She told me this just hours after it happened she was very sorry and remorseful and said she told me everything.

She just did not know why it went that far. Its been 33 years and it has had a very negative impact on marriage and I often still think about it and still get angry about how this could happen so easy, and I feel a big part of me died that day.

we are still together and she still loves me and I her but it is different and I just wish I could put it behind me and stop having this replay in my head from time to time.

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