Wifes "FRIEND" and her text provacative messages.....

My wife of 3 years has a "friend" that she used to do everything with before we were married. She told me there was never any "attraction" from her to him, yet they went everywhere together, slept in the same hotel room bed, etc.

In any case, my understanding was this was nothing more than that, a "friend" relationship. I went camping for the weekend a month ago, and upon returning, walked in the house and her phone was vibrating....so thinking nothing of it I picked it up and it was a text message.

We have always had a thing where we will tell the other whos texting, and she said "what did he say?" The text message I read....was I miss you from him.

Well for some reason.....I scrolled down....there were a ton of texts from and to him and her. For instance....."I'm laying here now wishing you were here in my arms, thinking about you" "Cant wait", etc. hers were "that would be nice" "me too".

Okay big time alarm bells....I went online and looked up our cell phone records....570 texts between them in one and one half week, phone records show that they talked and text up to a certain time on the saturday i was gone.....and then for 6 hours nothing......and then right back at it constantly...

I confronted her, she said it was HIM that wanted her, showing his feelings and she was telling him its not proper and would have no more contact with him.....well the other day I checked again...they still do, and now a secret email account.

Is she cheating? What would you do?

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Same situation
by: Anonymous

This was the exact same situation i was in before my girlfriend of 4 years ended up cheating on me. apparently it was only making out once but i will never be able to look at her the same way. make sure you get the truth and there seems to be no way to change women like this.

Been There Too..Feel 4 U!!
by: Anonymous


I'm afraid the writing is on the wall. I'd definately be willing to bet that she has cheated with this guy, no question.
I found the same type of proof when my wife cheated on me.

No one spends that much time texting/phone calls if there isn't something going on.

Sorry to say but you have to be pretty blind and naive if you can believe her story.

Once a cheater, always a Cheater
by: Been There

Don't believe a word she says. The proof is in the messages they send to each other. Even though we will say things in writing (texting) that we would not normally say face to face, the cyber communications is still cheating.

Probably to her it is "not exactly cheating" it is real for the humiliated partner. This type of conduct shows disrespect to you and if you allow it to continue it is a form of self-abuse. Have her end it with him out loud, on the phone, in your presence.

Then, you decided if you can forgive her and attempt to move forward. You did nothing wrong so do not feel guilty if you decide you can't forgive her.

Once a cheater always a cheater has been my experience even though someone was given several second chances.

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