by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I've been in this place, that I fear is, this, possibly the case.
You know what I fear, where we've been, once, twice, plus one other time, before, guilt, and dishonesty, the look on your face.
Caught in the act, of obvious, and intentional, unspeakable acts, to occur, unacceptable behavior, from the Man I Love.
Nothing to explain, no words, no defense, nor communication to consider, broken trust, broken heart, Trusting only in God, above.
My eyes, have seen what has shattered, my trust, & of where my disappointment, heartache, & constant suspicion, has come, troubling my mind.
My eyes, the window, permanent inPrints into my mind, as everything, I've seen, Through my own eyes, good or unkind.
As seen, As Witnessed, As Engraved, way down deep, throughout my body, deep into my soul.
Disappointment, Suspicion, Doubt, & Difficulty to trust, once believing in, US, truly my Hope, my Goal.
Witnessed Infidelity, Obviously your agenda, I couldn't Believe my EYES!
Infidelity, Unfaithful Intentions, kept in disguise..


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Apr 14, 2011
Writing, A WELCOME BLESSING, Positive Results
by: Anonymous

My ORIGINAL CREATION. I've Written A Lot Of Poetry After & Since, Our Break-UP. Proven To Be The Best Therapy. The Best Medicine, The Best Support Group, I'Ve Ever Come To Find. Writing Has Always Been My Way To Cope, To Heal, & To Keep, My Sanity. Keeps My Mind, Right. Good Inspiration, To Write Something, With Positive Results, Proves To Be, A WELCOME BLESSING!! Suzanne Marie

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