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you are absolutely correct
by: Adhishree

But she also want to explore her own world,too much of protection gives the feel of suffocation,world is fullof wolf,let her face it and u stand with her to help and supoort and instead lecturising her make ger understand and see things in better light :) all the best i liked the way honestly u penned down !!!!

Great Way To Express Yourself
by: Suzanne Marie

If She Has Gone, & Stayed Out All Night. Then There Is Something Going On, That Isn't Right.
If You Have The Feeling The Wolves Have Tracked Her Down, Then That's Probably The Case, No Use In Not Trying To Fight.
Trivial Things That We Argue About, Are No Reason To Leave, What We Say We Want, In Our Life.
If Something Trivial, Gives One Of Us An Excuse. Then It Is A Scape Goat, A Trivial Excuse, To Escape Petty Strife.
If She Is Looking Foer A Way Out, & Doesn't Know How To Do It, By Telling The Truth.
Then, She's Only Looking For, An Easier Way Out, & That Will Be Her Exit, No Bravery, No Cooth.
She Can't Love You, & Want Someone Else, Won't Know, what she Had Until It's Gone.
You Have To Have Patience, & Knowledge, If There Is Actually Someone Else, & Then, You'll Find, If You Should Just Leave Her Alone...
Suzanne Marie

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