My Lil Secret - Its Time to Share!

The Journey Begins...

Dean A Osborne

I began writing articles and visiting forums to give my 2 cents about cheating and relationships. Something strange happened along the way. I started getting a lot of emails and instant messages from readers or visitors of the forums asking me what I thought they should do in their relationship.

Wow! Something clicked! I realized that the painful lessons I had learned could help others. Even if it was just to help them get through their difficult situation a little bit quicker.

I decided I would build a website to educate others. I only had one problem. I didn’t know how to build a website and where to even start. I started to bounce the idea off of friends to see what they thought.

A friend of mine Wellesley had been using a web host called Site Build It. It caters to beginners, but is applicable to anyone. He assured me that it was something I could do. I took his recommendation and the leap of faith and I decided to try it out. 

Signs of a Cheater is Born

I am continually giving Wellesley a hard time for not recommending me Site Build it a lot sooner. The package is unbelievable. It provides an action guide, design templates (no web developing experience necesssary), search engine ranking help, etc. More importantly it shows you how to make a little cash with your site.

Even though all the information on this site is completely free (and will always be!), SBI has showed me how to earn a profit with Google ads and other affiliate programs.

Yes, I give away so much for free, but the reward comes back to me through these affiliations. So instead of it costing me to maintain this website, it actually returns a nice profit. Pretty cool, huh?

You probably found this site by using a search engine. Well that's what SBI helps me with. It showed me how to build pages that rank high in the major engines so I can get as much free traffic as possible.

As for the money, Google has a program called AdSense, and it allows you to help them advertise by placing text ads on your pages.

It is such a blessing to be able to share free information that I “see” is helping others while making money at the same time. 

Cool Success Story and Personal Goal!

Here's one of my favorite Site Build It! Stories and a goal that I aiming to achieve. Elad bought SBI! and created a site based on his hobby and began earning $2,000 per month after only six months.

He was completely new to website building and I love to tell my friends and family about Elad because it proves you don't have to have website building experience to achieve success with SBI!.

Check out his inspiring video below... 

I Strongly Recommend..Give it a Go!

If you've got some spare time, you should try it. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it myself. My advice is to pick a topic that you have a personal interest in. Think about your hobbies or passions?

Do you have the solution to a problem that can help people? Acne? Make-up? Gardening? Dating? The topic can be anything. Just make sure you are interested enough in the topic to build a useful, informative site - otherwise you'd get bored and abandon it.

The host I used, Solo Build It, is completely risk free. will give you a FULL refund if it's not for you, and there's no "trial period" or any sneaky catches.

They can honor a great guarantee like that because they know they've got an outstanding product and the success stories like mine to back it up.

Try Solo Build It when you get some time and tell 'em Dean sent ya! :)

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