Worried, Concerned, and Confused about what's going on?

by Jason
(Nashville, Tennessee)

Worried and Concerned He Is Cheating

Worried and Concerned He Is Cheating

Well my story is out of the "normal", I am a 31 year old man and unlike most other posters on the site, my situation doesn't involve a woman, yet it involves another man. He has been my partner for almost 5 years now. We have done the committment ceremony, exchanged rings, and the whole 9 yards.

For approx. the last 3-4 months I have had this "gut" feeling that something was going on with someone else, even to the point of it starting to affect my health and sleeping ability, I have epilepsy so anyone who knows about this disorder knows that without proper rest and sleep it could throw me into a seizure, but anyway.

It started with the locking of his cell phone, and now he still leaves it on BUT almost all text messages and call logs are deleted, you might ask how do i know this. Because I've gotten online and looked at our account and seen where he has sent text messages to people and then cross referenced it to the actual cell phone and they DON'T MATCH...i've asked him about it and he claims he can't remember who it was, but at times the same number has shown up more than 10 times.

Just the other day while I was at work and he was off work, he went to his Best Friends house, and like i do I looked at our cell phone bill and when he called me when he said he did it was there, BUT it wasn't in the town where he said he was, because he stated to me that he was on the interstate, BUT the call orgination was from a town 45 miles AWAY from the town he said he was in. I found that to be VERY VERY SUSPICOUS. I confronted him about it and he still is sticking to his story about where he was and denies ever being in that town.

If anyone can please give me ANY ADVICE, I would appreciate it ALOT, I am torn because I do Love this man and want this to work out but if he can't be honest with me about it then I don't think it will work.

I am a grown, mature man I can handle it just tell me the truth.

Thank you for your input


Concerned In Tennessee

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