You Never Knew - Perhaps You'll forgive me Oneday

by Cheater

I am a simple man,
and i really love my wife,
ive been with her for ten years now
for her i would have given my life.
but something happened 4 months ago,
i felt i couldnt control.
i met another woman.
and she ate my soul.
there were days when i went to work,
and before the day was through,
id call her up and sleep with her
before coming home to you.
baby i dont know why,
i keep doing this to you,
sometihng in you has changed,
your'e not the person i once knew.
i know this doesn't excuse,
all the things that i've done wrong,
please dont hate me when
you find out how long its been going on.
now its all out on the table
ill be honest and true,
i slept with her on your birthday
and you never even knew.
all those times i came home
smelling like her scent,
you trusted me like a wife should
and never asked where i went.
and in the midst of all my wrong
somewhere along the line
she has developed feelings for me
and she senses mine.
i know that you dont know this
cos i always lie,
all the places and people im with
when confronted-i deny.
and now im so confused
i dont know what to do
you were my one and only
but now it seems thats not true.
should i wait for you to leave
our marriage is now a scam,
in marriage a promise is
to each wife and her man.
maybe i should throw it all-
forget it and walk away
and hopefully in the future

When we move on

You'll forgive me oneday.

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