Your A Liar

by Ceaire Sykes-hall
(Bridgeton,New jersey)

You say you love me and that you care for me but why are you hurting me with your lies
you tell me this and that just to keep me around but i know who she is the other side line
then when i asked you who is she and you lie in my face and think everything is okay
what is it that you want from me do you want me to stick around and just watch you do harm to me
do you want me to really say that i forgive you when you are in the wrong
Why lie to someone you say you love why lie and make them think they are the only ones
why do this why break us up why just lie and break my heart
Do you realize the pain you are putting me through right now do you realize that i was going give up everything up for you
i love you and your kids and i love you for you
dude your the one i would of want to spend my life with so this was all a joke i see
I see you just used me and made me feel like dirt kick me in the grass and just roll me on down the hill
the pain the lies i thought we were to make a sacrifice
you don't want to give up nothing you wont stop smoking and getting high you want go out and find a job and you want take your friends advice you wont listen to a thing they have say
why should i give you another chance tell me one reason so i can tell you that you are wrong
saying says once a liar is always a liar

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