Your Child Lyrics by Mary J Blige

"Holding a baby with eyes like yours.."

"Your Child Lyrics by Mary J Blige"

"Your Child Lyrics"

It's too bad, it's too badIt's too bad, it's too bad, babyBut I gotta face realityIt's too bad, it's too badToo bad baby, yeahBut I gotta face reality

Today you had a visitorOr should I say an old friendBut wait a minuteThat's not where it ends, noIs there somethingThat you wanna tell me, hmmCause I'm believing what your friends sayAbout your hidden secrecies

[1] - Your girlfriendShe wasn't disrespectfulIn fact, she's a hundred percent sureAnd how could I argue with herHolding a baby with eyes like yours

[2] - She said it's your childAnd it really messed me upHow could you denyYour own flesh and bloodGotta face realityThere can never be any more usWon't deny it's hurting meYet so precious

She said she never wanted to hurt meAnd could I understand, she's afraid and lostShe said a real woman wouldn't do this over the phoneAnd that you told her about me after the baby was born, oh

[Repeat 1][Repeat 2][Repeat 2]

Hmm, oh the baby looks just like youHow could you deny your own flesh and bloodYour own childWhat kind of man are you?Oh, oh and

[Repeat 1][Repeat 2][Repeat 2]

The End

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