Can Someone Be Addicted to Sex?

Here Are The Warning Signs!

Can someone really be addicted to sex?

It sounds funny huh? I mean sex is a good thing right?

addicted to sex - sexually transmitted disease

Well not if you are consumed by a sexual addiction. This is a real condition with real symptoms and consequences.

For those that suffer from this condition, it is not something good. Imagine experiencing a day in which almost your every thought is consumed with that of sex and having sex to an extent that it interferes with your day's activities.

Now, imagine everyday like that!

Many relationships and marriages are broken because of the detriments that come along with a partner addicted to sex. So just what are some of these sexual behaviors?

Typical Characteristics of Sexually Addictive Behavior

  • A constant preoccupation with thoughts of engaging in sexual activity, which often interfere with your ability to function normally.

  • Having anonymous sex with strangers on an ongoing, continual basis.

  • Going into and staying in debt for the purpose of obtaining sex with prostitutes. This may also includes multiple online subscriptions to pornographic Web portals or "sex chats".

  • Trading drugs for sex.

  • A need (dependence) on sexually explicit material in order to become sexually aroused and/or to reach orgasm.
im addicted to sex

  • Abandoning personal relationships, including those with friends and partners and instead opting for anonymous sexual encounters.

  • Manipulating others to have sex through the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

  • Prostituting for purposes of excitement and not for money.

  • Exhibitionist activities, including exposing oneself in a car, theater or in places that others are intended to witness.

  • Looking for sex in public places, including public bathrooms.

  • Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases due to ongoing, unsafe anonymous sex.

  • Obsessing over sex to the point where it interferes with your ability to work, communicate with others, or in any way live normally.

"He is disgusting! He will have sex with anything!"

Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases!

If that is not serious then I don't know what is. Just like someone stricken with alcoholism, a person addicted to sex will need help from others around them and possibly even the services of a professional to assist them in overcoming the disease.

If you know someone that you think may be suffering from this (no joke!), please don't treat it lightly!

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