What Is a Serial Affair?

What Is A Serial Affair?

Serial: performing a series of similar acts over a period of time

Affair: a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration

what is a serial affair

I think it is pretty self explanatory after reading the above, but what it doesn’t get into when dealing with these affairs is the lack of connection that the person having the affair has with his or her partners.

These affairs usually involve an act or situation that is easy for the person to involve them selves in. This may be the entangled world of the internet. The internet allows easy access to an unlimited amount of chat rooms and other means to communicate with whomever, whenever.

The person involved in these serial cheating escapades is usually addicted to sex in some way. Because of this addiction they continue to commit these acts without any self control.

In a lot of these scenarios, they usually feel completely ashamed after their acts are completed, especially if they get caught with their pants down!

what is a serial affair
serial affair - caught with pants down

Another situation that is easy and falls into a serial affair is someone that continues to sleep with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend while in their new relationship. This scenario is very common and the cheating partner can continue this because they may not even think that they are doing anything wrong because it is their ex.

Usually the person that commits these acts of infidelity is someone that is coming from a family with similar pasts, or someone of low self esteem.

In order to help the person that is involved in these kinds of acts, it is important to try to get to root of their problem and possible addiction.

"He never broke it off with his ex"

Even though it might be very difficult to deal with, the cheating partner may be addicted just the same as having an alcohol addiction and it will be extremely difficult for them to overcome without professional help.

Good Luck!

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