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Necessary Addition, To Original Entry, Part II, The Sequel...
by: Author, Suzanne Marie

I've Spent A Few Days, Reviewing, My Documented Journal Entries, I Have Surprisingly, Managed To Have, Everyone, Of, JWA', Circumstances, Of, Quite Regular, Behavior, He, Seemed To, Have Made, Recurring, & Habitual, A Practice, As If He, Slipped Into, An Addict, In Relapse. The Honest, To God, Reputation, Of His, CRACK HOE, TYPE, OBVIOUS, Selection, vs. Anybody, Worth A Crap, Except 3 Of The 8, or 9, I Think, The, Documented List, Of Names, Count! Those Are Pretty, HIGH! Odds! Oh, My Bad, I said, HIGH!! I Guess, The Term, FITS!
Get HIgh, High Odds, & High On, Crack, The Rush, High Expectectations, Of Satisfying, The Sex High, The Higher, The High, Will, HIghten, The High!?? That, Does Not Make Me Feel, Very, Loved, If, He, Can, Go To The Lowest, Depths, For The High, He, Craves, & Has No Conscience, At All, Nor, Mental Awareness, To Realize, How LOW He Had To Go, To Get The HIGH, He, CRAVES, So Regularly. He, Seems,
To Be, Or Seems To Have Been, A Total WASTE, Of My FEELINGS, Not To Mention, Undeserving, Unworthy, Undependable, Disgusting, Disrespectful, Distructive, Disappointing, Distastful, Predictable, Addicted, & Obsessed. "CONCUPISCENT"!
The Perfect, Descriptive, Definition, For Example! To Be Continued.....
~Suzanne Marie

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