Addiction Or Obsession

by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Az, USA)

There Is No Way, To Make Him, Addicted To Me, If He Has, More Occupying, Addictions.

His Addictions, Are Mind & Personality, Altering, Totally, Impossible, Competitions.

His First Is Sex, His Second Is Crack Cocaine, With The Second, The First, Is His Obsession.

He Can Satisfy The Both Of Them, In One Place, If The Dealer Is A Using, Dealing, Female, & Crack In Her Possession.

I Can't Stand The Thought, That I've Seen These, Crack Hoes, Yes, Hoes, More Than One, They Are All, So Disgusting, NASTY!

No Way, I Can Compete, I Am Sure, I Don't Even Want To Try, He Is Obsessed With The, Two, But With Crack, It's, Grotesque, & JUST, GHASTLY!

I Am Sick To My Stomach, I Am Totally Disgusted, I Don't Even Want To Be Near Him, He Is, Addicted To The Sex & Crack, The RUSH.

He Is A Totally Different, & Whore Type, Person, Sex, Hoes, Porn, & Crack, He Is In His Own, Sex & Crack, Heaven, Or Such.

He Does Not Consider, Where These Hoes May Have Been, But That Is My Priority, Concern, Mainly, Their, Hygeine.

I Say YUCK, You Disgust Me, & I Can't Stand, The, Dorothy Dealer, Presenting, The Crack Candy, Because, She Wants SEX, Too, Obscene.

I No Longer Am Interested In, Trying To Get Him Back, No Way, He Has Made His Choice, His Main Hoe, The Dealer, He Doesn't Have To Pay.

It Disgusts Me, To Think Of Her Nastiness, Her Intent, Her Way Of Seduction, Scandalous, & Her Motives, Evil, His Addiction, To Stay.

These Facts, As They Are, As I KNOW, I KNOW Him, & She Is Just, Ooooooh, Nasty, D, The Crack Dealing, Queen.

Her Looks Are Not Anything To Be Attracted To, Not To Mention, Her Other, Addictions, & Bad Habits, Her Infuence On Him, Obvious, Sight Unseen.

Suzanne Marie

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