Computer Monitoring Software Review

Record, Log, Track Your Spouse's Activity

Welcome to our computer monitoring software review.

The internet can be one of our greatest resources and tools when it comes to getting information much needed.

However, because of the how easily we can reach and communicate with others across the world, it also opens up a window to other unwanted activities that can have catastrophic effects on families and relationships.

The internet potentially exposes our kids, husbands, wives, and other loved ones to an abundance of temptations that can be extremely harmful if not monitored.

Computer monitoring software will track most computer activities including:

Chat - record your spouses interactions in chat rooms.

Inbound and outbound emails - record all emails that are received and sent.

Web surfing - view, record or monitor the web pages that your spouse,children, or employees have visited.

Downloads - you can track any downloads that have been made with your computer, including Peer-to-Peer and file transfers.

Keystroke - record and log all the keystrokes inputted through the keyboard.

A good computer monitoring program should allow you to openly monitor a computer or undetected, in stealth mode.

Below you will find articles, reviews about computer monitoring programs that will help you make the right choice on which Monitoring Software fits your needs and budget.

Computer Monitoring Software Review

Spector Pro: Spector Pro captures and organizes ACTUAL Emails (SMTP and web-based services such as Hotmail), Chat Conversations, and Instant Messages and includes the best Keystroke Logger available anywhere!

Spy Agent: SpyAgent provides essential computer monitoring features, as well as website and application content filtering, chat client blocking, lockdown scheduling, and remote delivery of logs via email or FTP. SpyAgent's advanced, yet easy to use feature-set is unmatched, and provides the ultimate all-in-one computer monitoring software package.

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Ace Spy: See what they do online by simply checking your email. After you install, AceSpy begins SECRETLY recording EVERYTHING that is done on your computer! Forward all their emails, chat and instant messages. Protect your kids from online predators.

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Be sure to come back as more reviews are added. We are only looking to showcase programs that we feel will meet all your needs.

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