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I forgive you
by: Anonymous

Your poem was really good
I am in the same place as you.
But.... I am to the point now of jist throwing in the towel per say The make up is so wonderful but after 10 years of playing this game with my boyfriend game is over. I am hurt he listens to me but continues to do the same thing with my so called friends. It has got so bad that he has started something with all the friends I have ever had recently one of my friends came to me really upset you see she just moved back into town and she told me he was with another man and they pulled over to tell her how beautiful she was. She came to me crying well my boyfriend was shocked to know I used to work with her 13 years ago. I have the whole town practically telling me he is cheating with whoever wants to be with him. It is embarrassing and humiliating to me. My neighbor whom is a wacko she had me come over to her house and she doesn't smoke cigarettes and his brand and the beer he drinks was in her back room. No way she would know the little bottles that he also drinks with it. They were there to. It was right in front of my face and I don't want to see it for some reason. My head tells me follow him. I think it is I have to see it with my own two eyes him with someone else to make it real. I am not afraid to be alone or I don't think anybody else would want me its kinda like I have to prove it to myself that he is cheating on me and I want to catch him now. He knows that I am on to him, so he is very cunning. He goes out and pretends he is cleaning our side yard which is next to the street and he has been cleaning that sideyard for 4 months it doesn't take 4months. I went on the side yard and cleaned the rest of it up when he was at work. He was smiling and then went out there a messed it back up again. So, he can have access to the neighbor whom he had been seeing so. I have been cleaning it up and then he blocks the sidewalk so I cant get out there fast enough to catch them talking. Its really became a mind lllll. So now I am having all the stuff removed so he cant mess it up then what is he going to do. So now I have told him to move out of my house its mine not his and he wont leave. Now our relationship is based on me catching him and he knows it. Its a waste of my time and energy So remember my dear there is a fine line between sanity and sane. Best of luck to you, You have to love yourself. Take care

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