I Forgive You.."to my cheating boyfriend, the one that owns my heart"

by Alexa

People tend to tell me that things like this need to take time.
but ive came to a realisation that my favourite words are "I'm fine".
you were the one I thought I could trust
but little did I know that you no longer felt the lust.

You don't hurt the ones you love.
and I know god is watching from above
he hears my screams and cries
I bet he knew about all your lies.

your the reason I cant sleep at night
people keep telling me to leave but honestly I just wanna stay and fight.
fight for the love that we once had.
you've always talked about how you wanted to be a dad.
I want to move on from this
but in movies they make it look easier then it really is
you hurt me that much I cant look at you right
I miss the times where I seen you as my light.
the light to guide me through the rough path
maybe one day we will look back on this and laugh?

Who knew one person could hurt you so much
but no matter how much it hurts I still crave your touch
nothing compares to the love I feel for you
I just really wish that I never knew
I regret going through your phone that night
now all we tend to do is fight
I don't know if ill ever forgive
I cant even find it in me to live.

You broke my heart and continued to lie
now my thoughts consume of wanting to die
I told you I was fine and that we will be alright
but honestly all I can think about is booking that next flight
I don't know whether to run or to stay
it just seems as though lately the sky is painted grey

Ive decided to stay and try again with you
it just seems so pointless to give up after all we have been through
this is to the boy that broke my heart
the one I will forever dread to be apart
your my soulmate, my best friend
and I pray to god that what we have will never come to an end.

You cheated once and I forgave
I made a promise that I swore to take to my grave

So to my cheating boyfriend, the one that owns my heart
I think its time to put this behind us and restart.

I Love You

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