Is Looking Cheating? Really? I Need to Hear Your Thoughts On This!


Is Looking Cheating?

Is Looking Cheating?

Is looking cheating? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. I think it is completely crazy to consider it cheating.

I came across the below excerpt in a forum yesterday and had to post it here to see what others thought. I am someone that really values a relationship and the commitment involved to make one work but I would never think to even consider looking at someone else cheating.

Here is the excerpt:

I believe that looking is cheating. I believe that anything I am allowed to see and touch with my bf and what he is allowed to see and touch should not be seen and touched by anyone else!

Now I would definitely say that it may be very disrespectful to stare at someone else in admiration when you are with your partner but even a quick glance I think is natural.

I think that most people do admire beauty and a glance is just basically giving someone else their props. Would you agree with this? Am I missing something?

I guess the problem could become what is a glance and what time frame officially puts you at the “okay buddy, that’s enough!” line.

I guess what I am asking is if a lot of people out there actually considers looking at someone else cheating. Not disrespectful or even wrong but cheating.

So I pose the question to you, “Is looking cheating?”
I am curious to hear what others think.

Maybe I am crazy. I will reply to any comments on this topic.

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Comments for Is Looking Cheating? Really? I Need to Hear Your Thoughts On This!

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My thoughts on looking
by: Anonymous

I don't think it's cheating, because you're not physically or emotionally doing anything with them. I believe you can look and admire beauty because it's like a form of art. Our bodies and faces are all forms of art, just like how we have paintings of nude men and women. Just because someone looks doesn't mean they love that person. My partner doesn't seem to understand that and becomes insecure about it. What are the differences between super models that pose in magazines and normal people that post their pictures for others to view? It should not matter, people are people and as long as we don't act with infidelity then there is no issue. Women need to get over their insecurities. There's no perfect person, anyone can view anyone as more beautiful but it means nothing without feelings of love and caring.

by: Anonymous

I am a true believer that looking is cheating. Or at least a form of it. Don't misunderstand me, a quick glance to see if a person is a male or a female is one thing.. To look at another person just because you think its ok is NOT ok. It often hurts the one you are with. It makes them feel less attractive. And makes them feel they are being compared to someone else.And once that starts the whole ball pf yard starts to unravel.
When you are with someone you need to be in it the WHOLE way. Heart and soul. People that "LOOK" at others in a personal way is not only a cheater but not trust worthy.
Just my opinion... I know how it feels to have such pain and hurt...

Reply to a very good ass question - "i dont think looking is cheating"
by: Anonymous

i dont think looking is cheating.i do think staring at someone indicates to me you are intrested in them.

A man nor a women should stare like there attracted to someone else when your with your mate.

So yes i would draw the line and tell him hes doing to much. Me and my husband been togather for 13yrs and we sometimes have arguments about him watching other females and their butts.

I think that is so very disrespectful to the women and me. I'm not insecure at all..i love myself but somethings u just dont do in front of the one u luv ..

Wait to your by youre self then look. Have some self control when your with youre love one. I do think that staring can lead to cheating or your possibly with a cheater. So to the men who said the husband will be unhappy if u question them about looking then thats the way he will just have to feel because ladies and gentlemen no ones going to disrespect me in that way and i would hope u wouldnt do it and thats point blank.......Seeya

You are crazy - "He will just lie to you and be unhappy with you until he dumps you for someone that is not so insecure."
by: Rick

You forbid your husband to look and you will create the most miserable man on earth.

We love to look. He will just lie to you and be unhappy with you until he dumps you for someone that is not so insecure.

My wife made a big deal when I looked at a pretty girl and I was so mad i did not talk to her for the rest of the day.

Men would much rather talk about beautiful women with their wives than feel ashamed about looking.

Looking <> Cheating
by: SeducingLife

I don't think looking is cheating. Everybody likes beauty and it is natural to admire people.

I am a girl and i admire men and women (and i am completly HETERO)

If my partners admires someone it is not cheating!

I think the main reason why some muslim women wear a burka is because their culture / husbands think that looking is cheating.

In an evolved society like ours nobody should think like this.


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