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Same thing
by: Anonymous

I date my ex for over 2 years and she randomly started getting like that to me. She lied about stupid stuff like when she fell asleep...

I didnt think nothing of it but we went on a break becase we would keep fighting because I would call her out on it like you...she ends up begging for me back so of course thinkikng with the wrong head we have some makeup sex and everything is great and I couldnt be happier and it seems like she is happy too come to find out she hooked up with a guy during our break and then once again two days after sex and I found all this out 6 months later when she came clean.....

I dont want you to think your girl is doing the same thing but dont you want someone who isnt going to bitch at you for caring about your relationship?

If she gave a damn she would be working just as hard as you. There are alot of fish in the sea... or become a vagetarian like me

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