lie's over small small things even when i call her out on them


my name is brendon i a great looking guy and i wait hand and foot for the woman i love.i can blow up to girlfriend was in a 13 year relationship,and she say's she fell in love with me,we went for a walk and talked then kissed.she was drunk as all getout,i got a motel room. i lit her sleep she left in the middle of the nite,didnt see her for about a year then again i saw her at a club.she was so so so tossed i took care of her again.i let her sleep it off.made no effort to try and sleep or even kiss her even though i had kissed her befor.after that she was all over me calling me 8-10 times a day.just to say hi i mean 15 if you count the voicemails.she was ok with me asking who what when where how why. we were friends and lover's.she soon would lie to me and i got told she would juss go on drives she needed alone an hour here then there god why you gotta go home first i mean im 3 min down the road from her work.her home was 15 min away and she just had to change her shoe's.ok whatever.then i started noticeing beer cans all over in the car.she would tell me i got to go home asap her daughter was on her i tested it i called her house no answer ring ring no woman yet.hhhhmmmm drinking out on some backroad was more important while her mom was at home with my womans kid.getting her to slow to a hault with that was hard to do.
then she started working sum job 15 min in the other direction at starbucks.30 12-15 to get to work 45-1/hrs to get home.ooooo so n sooo this and they were late so i covered a partial shift ok whatever day after day after day.and we dont live together she lives with her mom. she's 30 and after i don't see her for 5 day's she call's me like i said befor hour after work or i try n call her there is no answer.but yet she can call everyone else.45 min previouse n tell me she didn't have time to there im waiting for her 2hrs 3 hrs even longer pack a bag she knows she's got 5 day's to pack it in cause she come's to be with me on the weekends.i don't see why she cant juss come strait over don't you think 8-15 calls a day back in the beginning she was over in a min hhhmmm.and i shoulden't wonder right? oooooo brendon ant i stop and buy aa bra befor i come see you well i never said no hun you can't buy a bra i said cant it wait don't you wanna see me at all i mean god dang it's been 5 day's no sex no kiss no hug no nothing not even seing her face and she wants to go shoping firs't and can i ask what took you so long heeeeeellllll no im crazy cause i say dont you want to see me well if you wanna start a fight i'll juss go home your jeliouse huuuuh of what? you think im f-ing around your sick grow up get a life it's over... and expect's me to now kiss her ass some more and be sorry for being upset with her actions on my behalf..WHAT DO I DO TO HELP HER UNDERSTAND.SHE IS KILLING US.WITHOUT HER THINKING IM ATTAKING HER WITH A CALM VOICE SHE ONLY LISTENS WHEN I GRAB HER SHIRT AND FORCE HER TO LOOK ME IN THE EYE'S AND TELL HER I LOVE HER IT DONT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.why cant she meet me halfway anymore.why doe's she screem and hit me.and call me cruel names so much then when i tell her to say sorry she say's oooooo waaaaahhh get over she don't care about my feelings unless im in freakout mode then she's breaking up with me again? HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE

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