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How Can People do This?
by: Chris

My God of Abraham Who is in heaven... Only God knows the heart, that is why we are told not to judge a person, but Christ said "we are to know then by their fruits"... that is their characteristics..

when scripture tells us that we are to be "born again", this means that we are to die to self and than take on the character of Christ

But a man who goes after a married woman for years, plus using deceit to break up the union between a man and his wife, a union in which the God of Abraham has blessed clearly does not have the character of Christ... (only God knows the heart).

I have never been married and most likely never will (no children either) I have not been in a relationship in years, also I have not dated nor had relations with a woman in 15 years. (this is by choice, I am 6ft 3in. 200lbs. short brown hair.. and keep hearing that I am handsome, I say this for those who throw hurtful comments when hearing I haven't had sex in 15 years)..

Thank God I chose a single life... look at all the sexual immorality taking place as of late.. I was reading a love story the other day and every one of them had the wife sleeping with somebody, and the husband enjoying it!!

I was like WTF is this? That would break my heart if my best friend, my woman and lover gave herself to another.. Infidelity is what kicked off my single life phase.. I was a front man for an early 2000's hardcore band, and after my love cheated, had an abortion and than MOVED TO CHICAGO without telling me.... I was still to broken to date....


Your priorities are all wrong..
by: Anonymous


You need to get your priorities right in your marriage.

It is hard to feel sorry for you when you take time to explain your story in detail but there is little mention of your husband and what he must be going through.

If you were in love with this guy, your husband must have been on the short end of the stick.

Your priorities should have been in trying to either fix things in your marriage or be upfront and honest with your husband about your true feelings.

You concern is more about this woman in Chicago than your husband at home. You almost sound bitter that he chose to end an "emotional affair" with you.

Are you really concerned about this new woman or just bitter that he left?

There is a big difference and I hopefully you can be honest with yourself on which one it is.

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