Signs of Cheating Boyfriend That Will Catch Them in Their Tracks!

Here Are Some Tell- Tale Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You!

Signs of cheating boyfriend will show you all you need to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you or having an affair. When a man is having an affair, he WILL get caught up with his new found fling and leave behind some very telling signs.

These signs should be used to your advantage when trying to find out for sure if he is really doing you wrong.Below you will find some tell-tale signs that your boyfriend may be cheating on you. You may encounter one or more of these signs and they should only be used as indicators. In other words, just because someone is acting shady doesn't mean they are cheating on you.

But it does surely mean that there is an underlying problem that may eventually need to be dealt with in order to restore happiness in your relationship. 

Signs of Cheating Boyfriend

  • Gets Defensive - An example would be if you inquire about his whereabouts and he gets mad at you for asking in order to turn the table on the situation. Any question that he feels you are asking to find out if he is cheating will tend to be answered defensively and with attitude. Keep in mind though that there is a fine line. Even an innocent boyfriend may get agitated if your questions are insinuating cheating.

  • Gut Feeling – Our bodies are very complex and your senses will sometimes guide you in a direction to protect you from danger. Even if that danger may be your cheating boyfriend! Don't ignore that "gut feeling". Keep your relationship honest by at least assessing your feelings to see if there is any warrant as to why you may be feeling as you do.

  • Conflicting Stories – In order for your boyfriend to cover up his cheating ways, he will need to come up with stories that will buy him time in order to see his lover. Over time, there will come times when his stories just don't add up. Take note of these and casually ask him again in about 3 days to see if the story sticks.

  • Distant Feeling – Even though "they" say men do not get physically attached when cheating, that is not usually the case. As your boyfriend gives a part of himself to his new lover, something will almost always be taken away from you and your relationship. He only has so much to go around and you will notice the "distancing" between you.

  • Hidden Email Accounts - If your relationship is one of openness (you share email account), hidden email addressed is a very good way for him to hide his communication with his lover.

  • Isolates You From Social Gatherings – Do you get that feeling that there is always an excuse for why you can't go with him to a social gathering? Who is he hiding you from?

  • Sex Frequency Changes – As I mentioned before, he only has so much to go around and the frequency of sex in your relationship usually suffers because of his cheating ways. In some instances your boyfriend may suddenly ask you to do things he never asked of you before during sex. As he encounters new exciting ways with his lover his subconscious may be trying to get you to be his lover.

  • Suspicious Phone Calls – Are you noticing "private calls" at strange times? Does he walk away out of your hearing distance to take certain calls? The cell phone is still the most personal means of communication besides seeing him in person; so many times "she" will call to hear his voice. As the affair becomes more intense, the more risk they will seem to take. It will actually become exciting for them to take these risks and get away with it. Pay attention though because it will cost them!

  • Excessive Computer Use When Alone – I mentioned that the phone was the second best means of communication for them. Well, the computer pulls up in third. A lot of emails and Instant Messaging will go back and forth during their affair. A lot of these emails fly back and forth when you are fast asleep late at night.

  • Always Covered With Strong Fragrances – In many of these affairs, the two lovers are spending time out in bars, restaurants and even clubs and as they get cozy, her perfume will often be left on his clothes.

"I have my own signs
you should add to signs of cheating boyfriend" - Derrick from Washington

While theses are just signs of cheating boyfriends, you should become pro-active in your relationship to keep the ship on track. There is a lot of temptation out there and paying attention to your partner's needs just may be what it takes to "affair proof "your relationship.

Please visit our Infidelity Resources for tools that can help you to find out what is really going on in your relationship.

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Do you have some signs of cheating boyfriend of your own that you would like us to know about? Let us know!

Good Luck!

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