Signs Your Man is Cheating - He Will Try To Cover His Tracks But The Signs Are Still There

There are some tell-tale signs your man is cheating that you need to be aware of. Keep in mind though that any of these changes or signs could mean something entirely different than a cheating spouse, but they are still signals that there may be something wrong in your relationship.

If one or more signs you man is cheating does occur in your relationship, pay attention. Address the issue as soon as possible. After all if it is cheating, it's best to know early on so that you may have the option to save your relationship if you chose to do so.

Signs Your Man is Cheating

  • Spending less time with you. If your spouse or lover uses excuses such as work or other functions to explain why he's not with you, it may be a sign he's become involved with someone else. Lying about his whereabouts is one of the top 10 signs of cheating men that you should pay attention to.

  • Lack of interest in sex. While this could be caused by a physical or emotional problem, it could also mean he's found someone else to share intimacy with. He may also be less affectionate in other ways, such as touching or holding you.

  • Changes in clothing, hairstyle, or fragrance. Guys who are cheating often alter their appearance, since they're trying to attract other women and think a wardrobe or hairstyle update will help. They may also start working out again in the belief it'll improve their chances.

  • Unusual or suspicious phone calls. If you start receiving phone calls from unusual numbers (presuming you have caller ID) or callers hang up without saying anything, it might be the other woman trying to reach your partner. This is the red flag of top 10 signs of cheating men.

  • Irritability, short temper, or picking fights. If he becomes defensive when questioned about his whereabouts or seems more irritable than usual, it may be a sign of guilt over his extramarital activities. He may also accuse you of being overly possessive or of snooping into his activities.
Man is Cheating  - Signs
  • Unusual phone activity. If you find phone numbers you can't identify on your bill or your monthly charges suddenly go up, it may be an indication he's spending time on the phone with someone else. Frequent, short calls to and from the same number are also a good indication of a cheating man.

  • Excessive computer use. If he's spending a lot of time on the Internet in chat rooms or other places known to act as hook-up areas or receives constant emails from a person you don't know, it may mean he's found another relationship online and is engaged in Internet infidelity. Excessive computer use is one of the biggest signs your man is cheating. There are computer programs (key loggers) available that can put your suspicions to rest.

  • Smelling of perfume, tobacco, or alcohol. If he's spending time in clubs or restaurants with another woman, he may not have time to change clothes after meeting with her. Top ten signs of cheating men point straight to feminine scents you aren't familiar with or smells that don't match the location your partner claims to have been at.

  • Short on money. Men who are cheating often spend most of their spare cash on the other woman. Unexplained purchases on credit cards are another symptom to watch for, especially if he doesn't bring what he bought home.

  • Car changes. If he buys a sleek new car, it could be an indication of an affair in progress. Also, be suspicious if you find the position of the passenger seat changed or the radio set to an unusual station.

These are all signs your man is cheating and if you observe or notice a few of them, it's probably a good idea to be concerned.

It's important to deal with the situation in its early stage. Be careful with accusations though, as your spouse or lover may not be cheating. There may be something else going on outside the relationship that will come to light. 

"I told her that her man was cheating" - Chrissy

You will need to carefully decide whether to confront your partner or spouse or seek professional help if all things are pointing to a possible affair. 

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