What Is Considered Cheating on Your Spouse?

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So just what is considered cheating on your spouse? I have been receiving a lot of emails lately with similar questions relating to "what is cheating" and what isn't. The cheating wife or cheating husband will probably look at it differently.

I find it a very fascinating question simply because the more I think about it, is the more that I want to plunge into the topic to try to reach a definitive answer.

When I listen to the different views and takes on this topic objectively, I tend to find myself swaying back and forth like a palm tree in the wind.

A recent study revealed that certain partners in relationships held their significant other to a stricter definition of cheating than they held themselves.

When asked several questions, many felt it was totally alright for them to engage in several different flirting behaviors while their significant others were absolutely forbidden to do the same.

So what is considered cheating on your spouse?

Can cheating in relationships ever be justified?

Is it kissing someone else? How about flirting? Are you cheating if you take someone of the opposite sex to lunch?

caught them kissing at lunch

What is interesting to me is the more questions I ask myself, is the more the line gets blurred. I mean, should I be able to control the thoughts of my loved one? What if she has a dream of being with another man? Should I leave her? (of course not)

I also think that for every man having lunch with a co-worker with personal intentions to stray in their relationship, I am also confident that there are also a large number of men with NO intentions to do their partner wrong. And vice versa!

So why should they get grouped in with the "low down dirty dogs"?

Because of this disparity in the way we all think, I don't see how there could be a definitive answer to "what is considered cheating on your spouse?"

Okay, so I can agree that intercourse is cheating. I also strongly believe that kissing someone else intimately while in a committed relationship is cheating.

is a kiss on the cheek considered cheating

But what do you consider "intimately"? Is a kiss on the cheek cheating? How about if the person really wanted to kiss the other person’s lips but had to settle for the cheek.

Is the intention and thought enough to make it cheating. So if intentions and thought is what makes it cheating then, back to my other question.

What if your significant other has thoughts of cheating but never physically or even emotionally connect with anyone else. Did they cheat on you? In their mind?

I really just wanted to provoke some thought about what is considered cheating on your spouse. I am still the palm tree swaying back and forth and wanted to hear your thoughts.

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