An Emotional Affair - Is It Cheating If There Is No Sex Involved?

Is an emotional affair cheating? Hopefully by the time you finish reading this you would have gained insight, inspiration, or knowledge to help you get through a difficult situation.

When you are dealing with a situation where you partner is not physically involved with someone else, things can get really complicated and in many cases the partner that was cheated on would have wished that it was strictly physical.

The initial problem of confronting your partner is that, where do you draw the line? How do you know if they are just discussing affairs at work, or discussing their affair!

You don't want to be that "overreacting wife or husband". The problem being, if you don't react, then you may be allowing the emotional affair to manifest itself into something that it wasn't there before.

When you are dealing with the future of your relationship, you need to trust your intuition. If don't pay attention,things could escalate quickly into a cheating situation.

An emotional affair begins when two people engage in secretive, passionate relations. They know when they have crossed the line, because they do not openly discuss the details of their relationship with the other person to their partner.

The affair usually grows at a rapid pace because of the sexual tension that builds up.

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So what you now have is two emotionally bonded people that are now sexually involved. So you can only imagine the connection between these two people. In the case of a physical affair or fling, the cheating partner may cheat without any emotional attraction.

As bad as that is, you are only dealing with one aspect of the affair. Once discovered, the partner that was cheated on usually feel overwhelming feelings that can tear their world apart.

Their world may become chaotic, and they can lose a grasp on things very quickly. You see, you invest so much time building a bond only to uncover the deceit that they were hiding from you. The basic foundation, that you build a healthy relationship from, destroyed.

The feeling of betrayal can more than likely carry over to other aspects of your relationship. Advice they may have given you, how much is it worth after the infidelity is discovered?

If you are involved in a committed relationship and you are noticing signs of cheating, then you need to get active in monitoring the situation to assure that they don't become something detrimental.

Communication is still KING! If your partner is not compassionate enough to sit down to listen to your worries or concerns then you really need to consider where your relationship is going. It is a relationship, so you two need to relate. This is where your concerns about them possibly getting too involved with someone else are discussed calmly.

"Emotionally it was intense!"

Be sure to assess the feedback you are given and keep monitoring the situation. You are worth it and no one deserves to be cheated on.

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Good luck and keep on, keeping on! 

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