Signs of a Cheating Wife

Here Are 3 Warning Signs of Cheating Wives

signs of a cheating wife

If you are suspecting that your wife is having an affair then you must look for signs of a cheating wife that may possibly confirm your suspicions.

Don't know what to look for? Then read on and find out some of the most common tell-tale signs that may indicate your wife is having an affair.

Receipts – Follow the Trail

signs of a cheating wife

Receipts are great clues because they can place your wife at a certain place at a given time. This may be a purchase your wife made without your knowledge, but getting your hands on a receipt may help you to uncover a faulty cover up story.

However, this may require that you get your hands a little dirty – literally – because this may call for you to sift through the bathroom trash after she comes home from a suspicious night on the town.

Many times the cheating partner may only realize that they forgot a telling piece of evidence in their pockets until after they are already in the house.

Other clues to look for are gifts for a man such as cologne, a tie or a pair of shoes. Just make sure though that they were not bought for her brother or someone in the family!

Notice some receipts for lingerie or dresses you haven't seen her wear?

How about a bill from a fancy restaurant detailing your wife's favorite drink and other drinks you know only a man would drink?

Are you possibly overlooking an accommodation for a local hotel that you don't know about?

Indeed, following the receipt trail may lead you to possible signs of a cheating wife if you are aware.

These examples sound far fetched but I have personally known friends that have been caught cheating simply because they forgot to throw away that little old receipt.

Over time, the cheater gets too comfortable and eventually let their guard down.

Phone Calls – Next Best Thing Other Than Seeing Her!

signs of a cheating wife

If your wife is up to no good, she will try to find times to get away so that she can talk to her lover.

The phone is the next most intimate thing other than seeing him, and in an affair it is mostly emotionally or sexually driven so over time, they will take chances to communicate even in times that they know they really shouldn't.

This will translate to calls at odd hours of the night or calls that she will feel the need to walk away to answer when she never use to do such things.

Remember this, other than hiring a private investigator your intuition will be your best tool that you can rely on when you suspect your wife is cheating.

You know her better than anyone else, and you will be able to tell if she has checked out of the relationship.

Pay attention, covering up an affair is mentally tolling and she will forget to cover up all her trails and her phone may just be what it will take to bring all her actions to light.

All you have to do is be observant every time someone texts or calls her. Does she seem giddy or excited? Or maybe anxious and secretive?

All of these could be considered as signs of a cheating wife. 

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Sudden Disappearances – Now You See Her, Now You Don’t!

Does it seem like she's making excuses not to go out with you lately? Does she go out of the house without you knowing it? Is she all of a sudden working late hours?

These could also be signs of a cheating wife. To carry on the affair, somehow she will have to physically make time to see her partner.

The excitement of a new affair is getting to see your loved one so they will have to try to find blocks of time that they can be together.

It is important that you realize why I said "blocks of time" to see each other. In order for them to enjoy themselves she will have to find an excuse that will literally block you from being able to call her at any given time.

These cover-ups have to be planned out in such a way that if you call looking for her, her story will make sense as to why she couldn’t answer. 

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While these are signs of a cheating wife to watch out for, I must say that it is always important to follow your intuition.

Simply observing one of these signs randomly is certainly not a reason to drop the gavel on your relationship.

Good Luck!

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